January 3, 2011

Take a Chance 3 Challenge

Challenge Summary:

Basic Information
The concept of the challenge is to take chances with your reading by finding books to read in unusual or random ways. I’ve listed 10 different ways to find books below. Feel free to complete at many as you want. However, anyone completing all 10 challenges by December 31, 2011 will be entered in a prize drawing to win a book of their choice from Amazon.
The challenge will run from January 1, 2011 until December 31, 2011.
Crossover books from other challenges is fine. You can read books in any format.
On January 1, 2011, I will post pages for each of the 10 challenges so you can link up your completed posts.

The 2011 Challenges
1: Staff Member’s Choice: Go to a bookstore or library that has a “Staff Picks” section. Read one of the picks from that section.

2: Loved One’s Choice: Ask a loved one to pick a book for you to read. (If you can convince them to buy it for you, that is even better!)

3: Blogger’s Choice: Find a “Best Books Read” post from a favorite blogger. Read a book from their list.

4: Critic’s Choice: Find a “Best of the Year” list from a magazine, newspaper or professional critic. Read a book from their Top 10 list.

5: Blurb Book: Find a book that has a blurb on it from another author. Read a book by the author that wrote the blurb.

6: Book Seer Pick: Go to The Book Seer and follow the instructions there. Read a book from the list it generates for you.

7: What Should I Read Next Pick : Go to What Should I Read Next and follow the instructions there. Read a book from the list it generates for you.

8: Which Book Pick: Go to Which Book and use the software to generate a list of books. Read a book from that list.

9: LibraryThing Pick: Go to LibraryThing’s Zeitgeist page. Look at the lists for 25 Most Reviewed Books or Top Books and pick a book you’ve never read. Read the book. (Yes … you can click on MORE if you have to.)

10: Pick A Method: Pick a method for finding a book from the choices listed below (used in previous versions of the challenge).

Random Book Selection. Go to the library. Position yourself in a section such as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Mystery, Children (whatever section you want). Then write down random directions for yourself (for example, third row, second shelf, fifth book from right). Follow your directions and see what book you find. Check that book out of the library, read it and then write about it. (If you prefer, you can do the same at a bookstore and buy the book!)
Public Spying. Find someone who is reading a book in public. Find out what book they are reading and then read the same book. Write about it.
Random Bestseller. Go to Random.org and, using the True Random Number Generator, enter the number 1950 for the min. and 2010 for the max. and then hit generate. Then go to this site and find the year that Random.org generated for you and click on it. Then find the bestseller list for the week that would contain your birthday for that year. Choose one of the bestsellers from the list that comes up, read it and write about it.

Hosted by/Link: Take a Chance 3

Challenge Start and Ends Dates: January 1, 2011 - December, 31 2011

My Progress: 9/10 - FAILED - 90% Complete

My List:

1) Staff Members Pick: The Night Circus - Erin Morgernstern
2) Loved One's Choice: The Piano Man's Daughter - Timothy Findely
4) Critic's Choice: The Tiger's Wife - Tea Obreht
5) Book Blueb (found on 'One Amazing Thing'): The Namesake - Jhumpa Lahiri
6) Book Seer Pick (entered Daughters of Rome): The Irish Princess - Karen Harper
7) What Should I Read Next (entered 'Cold Mountain'): Snow Falling on Cedars - David Guterson
8) Which Book Pick: The Zigzag Way - Anita Desai
9) LibraryThing Pick: A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini
10) Random Book Selection: Beautiful Assassin - Michael White

Final Thoughts

So close! This was a interesting challenges as it made me read some books I may not have read otherwise, particularly Beautiful Assassin, which has made my top books read in the years, so it did something right. It also had me read some books I didn't enjoy, but I treid them and went out my normal reading zones a few time, so I think I did pretty good.

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Jenners said...

Welcome to the Take A Chance challenge! I hope you have fun with it and get lots of fun and surprising books to read.

Here is the link to the blog that I created to post your finished entries: http://www.takeachance.lifewithbooks.com/

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