January 4, 2012

Canadian Award Winners Challenge - 2012

Challenge Summary: Here’s the scoop on the ways you can enter:

Toe-dipper: one book from the list of award winners of each of “main” prizes: the Governor-General’s Award, the Giller Prize, and the CAA Prize. (Total 3 books)
Chance-taker: one book from each of the “main” lists plus one from the Amazon.ca First Novel Award winners. (Total 4 books)
Bluenoser: One book from each of the “main” lists plus one from the Atlantic Book Award winners. (Total 4 books)
CanLit Lover: one book from each of the five lists. (Total 5 books)

Here’s a list of the prize winners:

Hosted by/Link:   ExurbainsCanadian Award Winner Challenge

Challenge Start and Ends Dates: January 1 - December 31, 2012

My Progress: 5/5 - Completed January 24, 2012

My List:

Governor-General's Award for Literature - 2011 - The Sisters Brothers - Patrick deWitt
Canadian Authors Association Award for Fiction - The Colony of Unrequited Dreams - Wayne Johnston
Giller Prize - Anil's Ghost - Michael Ondaatje
Amazon.ca First Novel Award - Childhood - Andre Alexis
Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Fiction Prize - For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down - David Adams Richards

Final Thoughts 

I really enjoyed the challenge, and was surprised on how much I enjoyed some of the books. From personal experience, before and during this challenge, I find I prefer the Giller winners over the GG winners.  But many of the books on this list are ones I'd recommend.

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Debbie Rodgers said...

Wow, Jules - you're finished already and I haven't even started. You put me to shame!

Thanks for joining in the Read Canadian Award Winners Challenge.

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