January 5, 2012

Mount TBR Reading Challenge

Challenge Summary:

Challenge Levels

Pike's Peak: Read 12 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Vancouver: Read 25 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Ararat: Read 40 books from your TBR piles/s
Mt. Kilimanjaro: Read 50 books from your TBR pile/s
El Toro: Read 75 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Everest: Read 100+ books from your TBR pile/s

And the rules:

*Once you choose your challenge level, you are locked in for at least that many books. If you find that you're on a mountain-climbing roll and want to tackle a taller mountain, then you are certainly welcome to upgrade.

*Challenge runs from January 1 to December 31, 2012.

*You may sign up anytime from now until November 30th, 2012.

*Books must be owned by you prior to January 1, 2012. No ARCs (none), no library books. No rereads. [To clarify--based on a question raised--the intention is to reduce the stack of books that you have bought for yourself or received as presents {birthday, Christmas, "just because," etc.}. Audiobooks may count if they are yours and they are one of your primary sources of backlogged books.]

*Books may be used to count for other challenges as well.

*Feel free to submit your list in advance (as incentive to really get those books taken care of) or to tally them as you climb.

*A blog and reviews are not necessary to participate. If you have a blog, then please post a challenge sign up and link THAT post (not your home page) into the linky below. Non-bloggers, please leave a comment declaring your challenge level.

*A progress site for reviews will go up in January and I will post the link in my sidebar for easy access.

Hosted by/Link: My Reader's Block. Mount TBR Reading Challenge

Challenge Start and Ends Dates: January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012

My Progress: 42/50 - FAILED

My List:

1) Oroonoko and Other Writings - Aphra Behn
2) Childhood - Andre Alexis
3) For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down - David Adams Richards
4) The Colony of Unrequited Dreams - Wayne Johnston 
5) Living With the Dead - Kelley Armstrong
6) The Dogs and the Wolves - Irene Nemirvosky
7) Great Expectations - Charles Dickens
8) Shannon - Frank Delaney
9) Agassiz Stories - Sandra Birdsell
10) My Antonia - Willa Cather
11) The Book Borrower - Alice Mattison
12) Silas Marner - George Eliot
13) The Sound of Blue - Holly Payne
14) Frostbitten - Kelley Armstrong
15) Crazy Heart - Thomas Cobb
16) Trial by Fire (SG-1 1) - Sabine Bauer
17) To Have or Have Not - Ernest Hemingway
18) The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova
19) The Ship of Brides - Jojo Moyes
20) Reliquary (SGA - 2) - Martha Wells
21) Street of Riches - Gabrielle Roy 
22) The In-Between World of Vikram Lall
23) Chocolat - Joanne Harris
24) The Sentimentalists - Johanna Skibsrud
25) Circle of Friends - Maeve Binchy
26) The Mistress of Nothing - Kate Pullinger
27) Do No Harm (SG-1 12) - Karen Miller
28) Nikolski - Nicolas Dickner
29) The Heart Specialist - Claire Holden Rothman
30) Waking the Witch - Kelley Armstrong
31) The Long Song - Andrea Levy
32) North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell
33) The Hound of Baskervilles - Arthur Conan Doyle
34) The Barque of Heaven - Suzanne Wood
35) Feathered Serpent - Xu Xiaobin
36) Clara Callan - Richard B. Wright
37) Summer - Edith Wharton
38) The Well of Ascension - Brandon Sanderson
39) The Road Past Altamont - Gabrielle Roy
40) The Bostonians - Henry James
41) Five Quarters of the Orange - Joanne Harris
42) Jacobs Room - Virginia Woolf

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Bev Hankins said...

Good luck with Mt. Kilimanjaro! So glad to have you join the challenge.

Jules said...

Thanks Bev! Good luck to you too.

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