January 5, 2012

Speculative Fiction Challenge

Challenge Summary:

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- Anyone can join, blog or not, you just need somewhere to post your reviews to share with the world. If you have a blog, a post about the challenge would be nice! Just add your details to the linky below to sign up.  I’ve made a couple of buttons and have modified the traditional challenge button for this year. Feel free to put them in your sidebar and use them in your review posts! Just save the image of your choice to your computer first please!

-  Timeline: 01 Jan 2012 - 31 Dec 2012. You can sign up from now right up until 31 Nov 2012. Rules: The levels are back this year! Just pick your level and declare it in your post or in the comments below:

  • Nosey: 3 novels 
  • Excited: 6 novels 
  • Content: 12 novels 
  • In Nirvana: 24 novels 
  • Obsessed: 48 novels 

There is no need to list your books now (unless you are like me and love making lists), just pick as you go along and have fun! Books can most definitely be counted towards other challenges.  I will post a monthly link up for you to share your reviews. There are no prizes other that a sense of satisfaction at reaching your goal (*interpretation* We are broke college students with no sneakily awesome publishing contacts).

Any book format (ebook, print, audio) counts! And because it can sometimes get a bit confusing (from Carolyns original post),

 • Science Fiction: hard/soft SF, cyberpunk, time travel, alternative history, space opera
• Fantasy Fiction: dark fantasy, urban fantasy, magic realism, quest, mythical fantasy, steampunk
• Horror Fiction: paranormal, gothic literature, splatterpunk
• Supernatural Fiction
• Superhero Fiction
• Utopian and Dystopian Fiction
• Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

Hosted by/Link: Baffled Bookshttp://baffledbooks.com/. Speculative Fiction Challenge

Challenge Start and Ends Dates:January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012

My Progress: 24/24 - COMPLETED November 16, 2012

My List:

1) Science Fiction - Allegiance (SGA 18) - Amy Girswold and Melissa Scott
2) Utopian/Dystopian Fiction - Gathering Blue - Lois Lowry
3) Utopian/Dystopian Fiction - Messenger - Lois Lowry
4) Science Fiction: - Transitions (SG-1 18) Sabine Bauer
5) Urban Fantasy - Living With the Dead - Kelley Armstrong
6) Science Fiction - Fighting Gravity - Leah Petersen
7) Urban Fantasy - Frostbitten - Kelley Armstrong
8) Science Fiction - Trial by Fire (SG-1 1) - Sabine Bauer
9) Dark Fantasy/Horror - The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova
10) Fantasy - The Prestige  - Christopher Priest
11) Science Fiction - Reliquary (SGA-2) - Martha Wells
12) Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Horror - Living Dead in Dallas - Charlaine Harris
13) Magical Realism/Folk Lore - The Sea-Folk - Frank Delaney
14) Magical Realism - Chocolat - Joanne Harris
15) Science Fiction - Do No Harm (SG-1 12) - Karen Miller
16) Urban Fantasy - Waking the Witch - Kelley Armstrong 
17) Urban Fantasy - Spell Bound - Kelley Armstrong
18) High Fantasy - The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms - N. K. Jeminsin 
19) Science Fiction - The Furies (SGA 19) - Jo Graham
20) Fantasy: Harvest Moon - Multiple Authirs
21) Dystopian: I'm Starved For You: Positron, Episode 1 - Margaret Atwood
22) Science Fiction: The War of the Worlds - H.G. Wells
23) Science Fiction: The Barque of Heaven - Suzanne Wood
24) Science Fiction: Sacrifice Moon - Julie Fortune 

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